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Olympic Roof Membrane waterproofs, beautifies and protects from UV rays any masonry surface especially masonry and tile roofs. It also rustproofs, seals and beautifies ungalvanizied metal roofs and constructions. Olympic Roof Membrane has excellent surface penetration, reflects heat and remains elastic from temperatures of -25oC to +130oC.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Masonry surfaces must be clean from dirt, dust, grease, oil, and loose particles. Cracks and holes must be repaired with PGP ELASTIC FILLER, PGP FIBRATED FILLER or PGP BETON FILLER. Unpainted surfaces must be primed with OLYMPIC ROOF PRIMER diluted with 30% W.S. The surface must be absolutely dry prior to the application of Olympic Roof Membrane.

APPLICATION: Apply Olympic Roof Membrane with a wide bristle brush. The first coat should be diluted with 20% water. Apply with brush strokes running in the same direction. For a brilliant white colour and an attractive seamless finish, Apply the second coat 24 hours later, without dilution and with brush strokes at right angles to the first coat.

COVERAGE: According to the porosity of the surface, Olympic Roof Membrane will cover 1m2 per Kg for both coats.

DRYING TIME: Allow 2-3 hours for a dry-to-touch surface and 24 hours before using surface. May be recoated after 24 hours.

CLEAN-UP: Easy clean up of tools with warm, soapy water immediately after use.