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The angle cap has Φ5mm holes on both sides and a curved angle (1) for perfect contact in the stucco. Also on both sides there is a wavy embossed surface (2) for increased rigidity and improved adhesion of the stucco material...
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The base runner is made with a pair of ribs (1) at its base as well as with double or triple ribs (2) and a grooved surface (cinnamon-textured) (3) on both sides, where it allows it to have high resistance to torsion (stiffness). ). The number of ribs (2) depends on the height of the ribs (ie 3..
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The top runner is made of circularly shaped ends (1) which offer ease of suspension and compatibility with the suspension components. Double ribs (2) at the base and triple ribs (3) at the sides offer rigidity. The grooved surface (cinnamon-textured) (4) also helps to hold the screw without sli..
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Its sides make it easier to place the main roof guide. It also has a pair of ribs (1) at its base as well as a grooved surface (canelage-textured) (2) on both sides where they enhance the rigidity. textured) (2) also helps to hold the screw without slipping on a smooth surface during assembly. It ha..
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The lateral runner is made with folded ends (1) to strengthen the torsional stiffness, stability in the screw and safety from injuries during installation. For extra stiffness there is a pair of ribs (2) at its base as well as triple or quadruple ribs ( 3) and grooved surface (cinnamon-textured..
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Siniat plasterboards are made to comply and exceed even the highest norms and needs in drywall systems constructions. Even more, Siniat offers special gypsum boards that are designed to withstand in tough environments. Our range of plasterboards include but are not limited the ones presented below...
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This block is a standard product which is produced in various sizes, formats and bulk densities. The outstanding thermal insulation by air trapped in millions of pores is a characteristic feature. The requirements are easily met with a thermal insulation value of up to lamda (λ) 0.09 W/(mK). Other p..
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